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Why buy Koi? Everything Koi specializes in providing cheap live Koi fish to the online consumer. Whether your buying Koi for the first time or the tenth, you won't be disappointed with the range of Koi available and the prices on offer. Everything Koi also provide a range of Koi accessories including Koi pond pumps and Trapdoor Snails.
The Koi represents perserverance in adversity and strength of purpose. According to Japanse legend, the strongest Koi climbs the river to the waterfall. Once there, it transforms into a dragon. The Koi is well known for its courage to overcome obstacles. It stands for strength and determination and the ability to achieve high set goals.

Koi Fish

Why Koi?

Koi fish are one of the most spectacular fish I have ever seen. They are one of the most rewarding fish one could own. Koi fish are well known as a stress reliever and they help you relax. The greatest enjoyment I get out of my Koi fish is watching them eat. Koi will have a winter nap and are dormant during this period. When the weather becomes warmer, Koi will almost beg for food. They are truly the greediest fish you will ever come across. Watching Koi eat is like watching hyenas eat a carcass. They are very aggressive and will often jump and perform to get the slighest scrap of food. A well balanced pond will provide enough food for your Koi, however they are healthier when fed low protein foods. Koi are even known to jump on top of plants to grab food. You can feed your Koi at the same time twice a day and your Koi can be seen racing to get to you first for their feed. Koi are also very smart fish where they can be trained to eat from your hand. eating frenzy spectacular
When you buy Koi fish, it will be the most rewarding decision you ever made.

An Investment

That's right! Koi fish can be an investment. As they get older Koi fish grow in value. A properly cared for Koi fish can grow up to 32" to 40" within 5-10 years. At that size your Koi could be worth $3000 or more. Even more for particular colors or patterns!

How long does a Koi live for?

A properly cared for Koi fish can live just as long as you can! The average Koi can live for around 70 years. The longest recorded living Koi was passed down by generations of a Japanese family. It lived for an amazing 276 years! Koi fish can be a truly great gift that can last a life time.

Varieties of Koi

There are many varieties of Koi including Asagi, Bekko, Goshiki, Hariwake, Kohaku, Kumonryu, Matsuba, Ogon, Sanke, Showa, Shusui, Tancho and many more...... Find out more information about varieties of Koi by clicking on the link to the left.

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